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OK, I've collected little pictures and icons and cartoons for a long time, so this is my "quick" place for me to place them.  (So don't look for anything fancy - just simple pages with fun & cute pictures!








COPYRIGHT:   I believe everything on these pages are for public use, and no copyright laws or anything is being broken here.  If you happen to own a certain picture or image, please let me know and I will remove it.

STEALING:  You are free to copy any image from THIS COLLECTION ONLY - since almost all images from these pages are from elsewhere on the web, feel free to copy/save to your own collection.  PLEASE NOTE that this is ONLY for this collection.  Other pages/sites within the COAN.NET realm have different copyright rules.  Please check those pages for those rules.

LINKING:  As of right now, I don't have too much of a problem if you want to "link" to one of the pictures in this collection.  I currently have enough extra bandwidth to handle extra load, BUT I can not guarantee that the pictures will always be here - so LINK AT YOUR OWN RISK.  And if you are wondering, many sites DO NOT ALLOW you to link to a picture on their site since it is "stealing" their bandwidth - so ALWAYS respect the site owners wishes when it comes to this.  I have the extra bandwidth, so feel free to link!  (for now)

OTHER:  Well down here I decided to write a short paragraph and put something else here.  Not sure really what, but my main goal is to take up a little space so I could hide something here.  What I decided to hide here was a link to a page which has a little more adult type of adult art.  There is nudity in the following page, but the purpose of the page is to show off the art or the funny cartoon aspect of the picture, and not the nudity.  If you are easily offended by nudity, then I suggest not taking a look at [hidden] & [hidden #2] page.  Thanks.