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High - Low

Real Life / Turn Based:  Rules are written with on-line turn-based game in mind, but this game is also playable in real-life.  In real life, poker chips or some other type of marker would be helpful.  Each person dealt a card face up in front of them.  They then place their marker above the card to indicate higher, below to show low.  Also using multiple decks of cards would be helpful to help eliminated people from "counting" the cards.

Game Details:

Based:  Game is some-what based on the high-low card game.

Name:  High-Low

Number of players:  At least 5 players - to UNLIMITED

Setup:  Computer has UNLIMITED decks - which means it can just randomly pick cards - and it possible that every player will be dealt a 4 of hearts.

Game Over:  Game is over when there is 1 player left (or possible even 0 players left!)

Game Play:

Round:  Each round, every player is dealt 1 card.  At this point, the player needs to place his guess if he believes his card will be HIGHER or LOWER then the dealers card

Round 1 example with 5 players:

Round 1 example (cont):  After everyone makes their choice, the dealer gets their card - for this example, the dealer gets a 10

Round 2 would then repeat with the remaining 3 players.

Special Rules & Notes:

TIE RULE:  If a players card MATCHES the dealers card, then BOTH answers are correct

NO WINNER RULE:  It is possible that there will be NO winner to the game - that is all the remaining players pick wrong at the last round.


Game rules and such written by: Michael A. Coan (COAN.NET) 2006-2007

Page updated August 2007

Game rules are free to use as long as credit is given back to COAN.NET. (And no major money is made from the game then in that case, I want a cut of it!)

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