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Mercury (game based on Uno)

Players: 2-6 players

Deck of 100 special Mercury cards:

Explination about the card types:

Goal: To get rid of all your cards first - and have the lowest overall points. When a person runs our of cards, the round ends and each player counts up the points in their hand. Once one player reaches 500 points, the game is over - player with lowest points wins.

Board - 2 piles - Draw pile, discard pile

Start of game - Deck of 100 cards is shuffled randomly. Each player gets 7 cards. 1 card is put face up in the discard pile. (This card MUST be one of the 80 regular cards). The remailing cards are put into the Draw pile.

Round 1 - Player 1 starts. In each of the next rounds, the winner from the round before gets to start first.

For each turn (unless a special card is played towards you) - You have 2 choices. Play a card or draw. If you have a REGULAR card that can be played - you must at least make a move (regular or special card). If the only card you can play is any of the other 20 "special" cards, you can choose to play or draw. (so you can hold on to special cards if you want.)

To Play - you must either match the color of the top card in the discard pile, match the number of the top card in the discard pile, or use a special card.

Goal - get rid of all the cards in your hand. At that time, everyone else will count the points left in their hand and that is added to their score. Once a player goes over 500, the game is over. (lowest scored player is winner)

** If a "Gve" card is played as a last card, the amount MUST be picked up by the next player before the points are added for the score.

** If all the cards have been picked up from the draw pile, all cards in the discard pile (except top card) are "reshuffled" randomly and placed in the new draw pile.



Quick Mercury - Same as regular, but only to 250 points

Extended Mercury - Same as regular, but to 1000 points



Game rules and such written by:  Michael A. Coan (COAN.NET) 2006-2010

Page updated November 2010

Game rules are free to use as long as credit is given back to COAN.NET. 

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