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Most pictures found on any site within the COAN.NET realm is copyrighted by Michael A. Coan (even if not marked or watermarked)  NO PICTURE should be edited to take out the watermark or copyright information.

Want to use a picture:  Ask permission first - please e-mail copyright @, and please detail what picture you want to use and for what purpose.  I usually respond within 24 hours.  (normally I'm OK with most as long as you don't take a picture and try to either make money directly from the picture, or claim it to be your own - credit should always be given back to "COAN.NET"  Note:  e-bay auction is not making money directly from my picture and that is

E-Bay - Want to use a picture (of lets say a pop can) to help sell an item on eBay - that is fine, no permission is needed in this case AS LONG AS THE PICTURE IS UNEDITED and still includes the copyright / watermark.  You can even link to the picture that is still hosted on my site - I can handle the extra bandwidth right now.  PLEASE NOTE, the pictures themselves CAN NOT be sold on eBay - so no grabbing a lot of hot air balloon pictures from me and trying to sell them as a pack or something like that.

Better Quality Pictures - For many of the hot air balloon pictures, and some of the genealogy grave pictures, I have better quality PLUS without copyright or watermark on the pictures in archive.  If you have a project in which you need a better quality picture then what is available on the website, please e-mail me at copyright @ with details on what pictures you want, and why.  As said above, as long as it is for a personal, non-profit project, and not something that you are going to try to claim as your own - or make money from - I'm almost always open to sharing my pictures.  Of course I'm open to selling them also.... COAN.BIZ will someday be a store for prints of some of the best photos I have, so be on the lookout for when that opens.

Hot linking Question:  Hot linking is where you just link to my site, and my site continues to host the image (plus I get all the extra bandwidth costs) - I'm currently fine with this.  I have plenty of unused bandwidth, and I'm open to having images hot linked from my site.  Please note that if bandwidth ever does become an issue, I may reverse this decision - but as it looks now, I have tons of extra bandwidth to spare.  BUT please be aware that most sites do not like pictures to be leached like this so always make sure if it is OK with a site before you do it. 

Smileys, Comics, & Funny Pictures:  The pages of Smileys, Comics & Funny Pictures are all public domain pictures as far as I know.  They are items I have collected over the past many years that I have put out to share with some.  I have made none of these, I have no rights to any of these, and as far as I know they are all public domain items.  If anyone knows of any which are not public domain items, please let me know and I will remove them from my on-line collection right away.  [note:  because of some questionable adult theme items, only certain users have access to these pages, sorry]

COAN.NET Realm:  Many domains & sites fall under the COAN.NET realm of sites, including:

STOLEN OR LEACHED PICTURES:  Again, please don't do this without asking first - as I said above, I'm almost always open to everything but I don't like to be surprised by it.  If I find pictures & such taken without permission, I will do whatever is in my power to get them removed, including (but not limited to) filing a complaint with the host of the image to let them know they are hosting stolen items to try to get your site shut down - so again, Please just ask - I'm a nice guy when people don't try to go around my back.



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