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October 2023 Update: I moved webservers. Some of my sites no longer work. I am sorry, but just do not have the time to update the sites to the new site at this time. Some links will not work







Vermilion County IL Cemeteries - This site is dedicated to the cemeteries in Vermilion County IL, along with all surrounding areas. My goal is to provide pictures of EVERY headstone, and so far have over 100,000 pictures up on the site! (well as I write this it is only around 93,000 - but I never update this page much, so I'm planning ahead.) In addition to the pictures, you will find maps, direction, internment lists, along with any other information about the cemeteries that I can find. Sweeper A game which is like a 2 player minesweeper game. Versions of the game can be found on different game sites.
Original Sweeper (Frog Finder found on
Co-op Variant #1 (Frog Legs found on
Co-op Variant #2 (Mijnenveger found on [ is a dutch language site, and hopefully will also be released on the English and possible the German sites]
2 Variants can also be found on Dragonheels Lair



POPCAN.ORG - Site for pop & soda can collectors - news for Pepsi, Coke, and other brands of soda.  Information on Star Wars cans and other limited collectable cans


Mercury - A Card game based on Uno



Catlin High School - A site dedicated to Catlin, IL high school (Alumni, reunion, etc...)


Double Choice Gammon & Triple Choice Gammon (and Variants) - This backgammon game has been an idea since 2003, and has went through a few different ideas until this final version.  Currently not available to play anywhere, but I will see if I can get a game site to introduce it - since it adds an additional layer of strategy to an already popular Backgammon game.



Michael's BBS List - A free list available since 1995!  A list of free telnetable BBSes


ChessBall - A game idea I have, currently testing on a real board.  Think it is a winner of a game.  Will post more information here soon!



Coan Genealogy - Genealogy information on the name Coan.  Combs, Phillips, Bailey & Roberts are also of major interest.  Other surnames like Allen, Bailey, Cone, Gay, Groves, Harrison, Knight, Knights, Howlett & Lloyd along with others are also included in the search.


Strategy War - A card game based on the card game War, but rules tweaked - for play in real life or on-line games





High - Low - A card game based on the high/low card game - but rules tweaked for good on-line game play.



Other Sites I help build & maintain:


Fun Stuff:



BAGI - Balloon Association of Greater Illinois - Hot Air Balloons with pictures, ride information, event lists, and more.  (note:  in the process of handing over the design of the website to someone new [July 2007])


2006 April Fools Day Prank - 3,700 Post it Notes used in this prank!



Center for Children's Services - The Center for Children's Services - non-profit agency in Danville, IL


Nathan's Site - Nathan's own Website, up before he was even born!



In the Dog House Again.... - In the Dog House Again Hot Air Balloon information.





PICTURE USE - If you want to use a picture that is found on any of the sites in the COAN.NET realm, find out more information here.










My Domains (my realm) (at least most of them):  COAN.NET, COAN.BIZ, COAN.INFO, COAN.WS, COAN.US,,,,,,,,,,




I really enjoy spending my free time playing on turn-based games sites.  A turn-based game site is where you can make a move, and come back the next day to make another move (or if both players are on, more then that) - It is similar to when people would send chess moves through the mail and play chess through the mail.
Below are the sites you can usually find me on, along with a quick overview of them.  Each site has good & bad, and I recommend you check them all out and find the one(s) that you like the best.  (in alphabetical order in case you are wondering - trying not to play favorites since each has great things about them) (Information current as of November 2008 - updated Dragonheels Lair Aug 2014)


OVERVIEW:  Has been around since late 2002.  Many tournaments, Stairs(Ladders) & Fellowships to join.  Site supports 20 different languages, including English, Czech, Turkish, Slovak, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, plus more.  WebTV supported.
GAMES:  OVER 100 GAMES!  Including 34 versions of Chess, 18 versions of Checker, 10 versions of Backgammon, Go, Ludo, mastermind type game, and 2 Yatzee type dice games - plus many more, some unique to this site. (New games always added).  You can also find a games I invented on the site, called Frog Finder & Frog Legs.  It's like Minesweeper for 2 players. 
FREE ACCOUNT:  Free guest membership includes up to 20 games, unlimited moves, 1 tournament, and 5 vacation days.  (A few of different membership level which includes unlimited games & tournaments - and even lifetime membership!  Check out different membership level compare HERE
ME:  Can find me here as (BIG BAD WOLF)

Dragonheels Lair

OVERVIEW:  This site is one of the newer game sites, has a good range of games available, with new games & tournaments being added. I've played on here on and off, and a very nice site.
GAMES:  Almost 30 games and growing (as of August 2014), including Chess & Chess variants, Line 4 and variants, Backgammon, Dice Poker, and Dragon Eggs Hunt & Eggs finder (based off my game!)
FREE ACCOUNT:  They have different membership levels and even a LifeTime Membership, along with free membership.
ME:  Can find me here as coan_net

OVERVIEW:  If you like Backgammon - THIS IS THE SITE!  Has "computer guessing" which helps speed up games, and takes new users a little while to get use to it - but if you like backgammon, this is the place!  Games & tournaments.
GAMES:  Backgammon & Nackgammon
FREE ACCOUNT:  Everything is free.  There is no paid memberships here.
ME:  Can find me here as macoan

OVERVIEW:  Opened in late 1999. Tournaments, Ladders, and Clubs available here.
GAMES:  Over 100 games - many game versions including different versions of Chess, Checkers, Dominos, Backgammon, Salvo (Battleboats), Grabble (similar to Scrabble), Shake Rattle Roll (similar to Yatzee), plus other including unique games only found here. (Plus Rock Paper Scissors!) They also have Head-2-Head games for LIVE games.
FREE ACCOUNT:  Free guest membership includes up to 15 games (standard versions only, no variants), some discussion boards, some tournaments, and no ladders.  4 paid membership levels to choose from.
ME:  Can find me here as coan_net

OVERVIEW:  Opened early 1998.  A lot of users, tournaments & ladders
GAMES:  Over 60 games, including many chess & checker variants.
FREE ACCOUNT:  Free guest membership includes up to 20 games, 15 moves per day, and tournament & ladder access - as long as you stay under the 20 game limit.  Only 1 Paid membership level which will raise you to up to 200 games & unlimited moves.
ME:  Can find me here as macoan /

OVERVIEW:  Opened early 2002.  Has tournaments & other fun stuff
GAMES:  Site has around 21 games, including Chess, Go, and other games that are not found on the other sites.
FREE ACCOUNT:  Currently site is free to everyone.  There is a paid membership level/donation, but currently that has no extra privileges other then more vacation days & longer blog.
ME:  Can find me here as BIG BAD WOLF

OVERVIEW:  Opened in 2002. Is WebTV supported & Tournaments
GAMES:  About 19 games including Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, and even Tic-Tac-Toe. 
FREE ACCOUNT:  Currently free guest have full rights to all games. (A paid system may be put into place at some time)
ME:  Can find me here as macoan/BIG BAD WOLF (english) (dutch) (german)


OVERVIEW: is the original game site which is a very popular dutch language game site. They also started the English site - and later the German site site.

All 3 sites have similar games & setup - most newer games are first released on the original Dutch site, and if popular enough, are ported over to the other sites. (so as of November 2008, the Dutch site has around 44 games, English 31 games, German 17 games). New games released often.

GAMES:  Between 17-44 games like backgammon, chess, checkers, halma, battleships, Triple Yatzee clone (Dice game), codebreaker, and many games not found anywhere else.
FREE ACCOUNT:  Limit 10 concurrent games, and 3 tournaments.  50 Moves a day, which can roll over to a max of 150 moves.  Few different options for paid accounts with higher limits.
ME:  Can find me on all 3 sites as (please note I only speak English)




Other Cool Sites that I often visit.

You can track where your $$ is going, and where it has been.  (Check out:  MY PROFILE & Stats)

Site where you can nitpick movies, and read about other things people found "wrong" in movies.


Hollywood Stock Exchange - Fun "game" where you buy & sell stocks of movies & actors - making & losing money depending on how well movies do.  Free to play (Fake money used)




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